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Barbara Dahm is a Board Certified Specialist in Fluency Disorders and the developer of a revolutionary and life-changing treatment approach for stuttering that has been clinically shown to lead normally fluent speech

Follow 5 Steps to speaking naturally...

Step 1 - Learn what you really need to change.

Step 2 - Explore how you have been interfering with your ability to speak fluently.

Step 3 - Use your ability to speak like normally fluent speakers .

Step 4 - Think like a normally fluent speaker .

Step 5 - Joyfully practice speaking naturally.

How we help?

We bring a perspective to the field of stuttering that shows how people who stutter can become fluent speakers.

We help people understand how stuttering is created and how an individual can allow the normal processes for speaking to emerge from within.

By giving up control and changing the negative thoughts and beliefs about speaking, and one’s self, people who stutter increase self-esteem, reduce the fear of stuttering, feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and in general experience the flow of normal communication.

Teaching Professionals

Through our professional seminars, courses and our publications, we give clinicians the expertise needed for successful treatment for people of all ages who stutter.

Stuttering therapy becomes an exciting and rewarding branch of speech pathology, because when clients achieve the goals of Dynamic Stuttering Therapy, the result of therapy is naturally fluent speech.

This brings both personal and professional satisfaction to clinicians who know they have been instrumental in giving their clients a life changing experience.

  • Hi Barbara,   First of all, thank you for the online session we had. I really enjoyed talking to you and of course reviewing the natural and normal way of speaking that disappeared from me for some time. The session was very successful and I got a lot out of it. I learned a lot about myself and about the way to speak. (more…)
  • The workshop puts a new perspective on the treatment of stuttering. It demonstrates a total approach to therapy and provides practical and useful advise for clinical practice.” My clients often come into therapy feeling helpless. After a few sessions they see clearly that there is no sound or word that they cannot say and this gives them the great courage they need in order to develop correct speech habits. The beauty of this program is that it’s not about being different than everyone else, but rather it’s about learning to be the same – & they can be the same! As a clinician it’s a pleasure to work with a program that is so thorough in its detail. I have used the method with teenagers and adults with equal success and in every situation have felt the thrill of seeing them develop abilities and confidence Thanks!
    Chevy Schwartz
  • Barbara Dahm presented a workshop to our speech therapists on November 12, 2006.  The title of the seminar was “Dynamic Stuttering Therapy: A Dynamic Stuttering Therapy”.  This 6-hour presentation was very well received by all those who attended.  The participants found that the material was presented in a very professional and organized manner.  New techniques were introduced and case studies were reviewed and discussed. The speech therapists went away with hands-on material that they could incorporate into their therapy sessions. Workshop participant.
  • Hi Barbara, Since we the last session, I must say that there has been a definite change in the way Josh speaks.  I can’t tell you the change that has occurred.  It seems like he really has just GOT IT.  He has control of his speech and it has lasted well over a week.  This is the longest that a notable change has been observed. Last night, he had 30 minute telephone conversation with his friend – absoultely beautiful speech.   (more…)
  • Hi Barbara, It’s Kelly. I thought I’d send you an email just keeping in touch letting you know of my progress. I’ve never been happier with my speech! I’ve been working with my therapist a lot on certain internal issues like my tendency to constantly judge myself and I’ve really seen a turn around, so has my therapist and boyfriend. My stutter has dramatically decreased in the past months, I’ve never felt more free. I’m learning to live outside my own head and I’ve really taken a lot away from Ruth Mead’s book, it was honestly the best book I’ve ever read, I could relate so much to her words.   (more…)
  • Hello Barbara!   You are my hero, you made me believe, I have no doubts about that! You know yesterday, I went to the stuttering association meeting.. It was only 5 people; I decided to facilitate & read the rules & stuff.. Words were flowing effortlessly while reading..  Then came the sharing part; I had 3 or 4 slight stumbles.. Here is the thing, the more I open up, the more I am in the moment & then speech doesn’t become an issue. (more…)
    Mouhamadou A. Hane
  • Barbara,   I would be delighted for you to share my recording on your website! Using my name is fine as well. I believe in your methods and know they work. If I can help even one person pursue this therapy it would be an honor.   What you taught me is a brilliant concept and if applied correctly and practiced can make speaking enjoyable and open so many doors. As someone who stutters I felt so alone in my battle and I always thought it was something I would live with and struggle with forever. Speaking doesn’t have to be hard or labored. (more…)
    Claire Jones
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