7 Powerful Ways for You to Overcome Stuttering

Did you ever wonder?

Why you stutter on your name? Why you stutter more in some situations than others? Or why it seems like some sounds are simply too hard to say!

Join me to find the answers at the Speak My Mind Webinar, where I will explain my incredibly unique holistic way to overcome stuttering that has helped so many people facing the same challenges that you are facing.

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The wonderful things you will gain...

• Find out why stuttering can be so variable
• Discover how to turn speaking frustration into natural self expression
• Identify the obstacles to speaking naturally that you can eliminate

I am Barbara Dahm, a Board Certified Fluency Specialist with over 30 years experience in treating people who stutter.

During that time I discovered the most effective way to transform stuttering into routine speech that you can take for granted.

Special bonus!

For joining us live and staying till the end of the webinar = you will receive a free copy of my ebook: Freeing your inner fluency.

The technical:

When: March 26 at 12:00pm London time
Where: in my zoom room to where ever you are
What will you need: your computer

Looking forward to see you there, Barbara

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