Clinicians Trained in The Dynamic Stuttering Therapy Approach>

Certified clinicians are realizing that Dynamic Stuttering Therapy is a treatment approach that will help their clients achieve what they desire - the ability to speak freely. Since this approach is very different from the approaches that are most usually part of the regular course curriculum, clinicians who desire to administer Dynamic Stuttering Therapy undergo special training. Here we wold like to call out a few of the clinicians who have shown a dedication to this approach

Laura S. Smith, Washington, USA

Laura S. Smith, MS, CCC-SLP,

IAOM Certified Orofacial Myologist
Clinic/Cell 206-228-8530
Offices on Mercer Island and in Seattle

Linda Hurkot- Alberta, Canada

Linda Hurkot, MSLP, RSLP, SLP©, Registered Speech Language Pathologist

518 - 5 St. South (Core Elements)
Lethbridge, AB T1J 2B9
Clinic/Cell or Text: 403.795.4959

Denise Behrens Cervoni- Tomares, Sevilla, Spain

Denise Behrens Cervoni, MS SLP CCC, Registered Speech Language Pathologist

WhatsApp: +34 643020696

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