Conquer Your Fears and Speak Freely – Video

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June 28, 2016
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June 29, 2016
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Conquer Your Fears and Speak Freely – Video

Claire used to stutter, but listen to her now, as she speaks about conquering fear:

In case you don’t have time to watch the video or can’t view it, here’s the text:

Hey Guys, I just kind of wanted to do a short video for you on fear. I’ve been learning a lot about fear lately, and first off, just the fact that I’m making this video – that’s a huge deal for me, because anybody who knows me – knows that me and videos don’t mix.

Me and public speaking don’t mix – but you know, they do now, and it’s because back in October, I started as a coach and not only have I found this huge passion to help others and to get myself right, but I have kicked fear in the teeth numerous times; I guess for the longest time I thought that fear was a legitimate and justifiable excuse not to do things – “oh I’m scared of that” or “oh that makes me nervous” or “nah.” I had excuse after excuse after excuse for everything,  and I held awful jobs, I held factory jobs where I didn’t have to interact with people = I didn’t have a wedding because I was going to have to get out in front of hundreds of people and talk – this really affected my life for a long time, Right?

And I’ll tell you – fear is such a – it’s sneaky, because all fear really is, it’s a thought in your head – you are fearful of how something is going to feel, right? So you don’t want to go for that promotion because you’re fearful of how you might feel if you fail. You’re scared to talk to that girl because if she turns you down, how’s that going to make you feel? You don’t want to feel that. We are so scared to feel in our society, it is unreal. And that is why everyone walks around medicated and drunk and they overeat and they do a ton of other things to mask all of their problems and once I started feeling and recognizing the feelings that I have and the nervousness and where that came from and exactly what it was – that was stopping me from being happy, from feeling fulfilled, from being excited to wake up.

Whenever I quit allowing fear to rule my life, it was like this whole world opened up for me and I can’t tell you the feeling that back in October before I started to dive in to all of this – you would never have seen me on a video. You would never have seen me guiding people – You would never have seen me – first off, I didn’t ever do selfies, and I’m still not super cool with them. I think they might – they’re kind of vain, but people love to see others being successful and being happy and loving their life and they want that, too.

Everybody wants to be happy, and I found for me it was recognizing my thoughts and my feelings and stop trying to hide them, because that, I think, is the root of so many people’s issues. So that brings me to a challenge – What is it that you want? What are your desires? If you could have one thing in your life, what is it? A different job? A better body? Your relationships to be a little different? And I challenge you to just kind of sit quietly with yourself and just think about that. Think about everything that you want and then think about what’s holding you back. Because life is too short to have excuses and to let fear and doubt get in your way.

Self-doubt was a huge one for me, too. Like thinking that I couldn’t do it or that I wasn’t worthy – I wasn’t worth being happy, I wasn’t worth what I want. I promise that your happiness and your fulfillment and your contentment in general is on the other side of your fear.  And I think a lot of people – they want to say “I’m not fearful of anything” well – yeah you are. We all have those fears, and it’s – I don’t think it’s the same for everybody – for instance, my fear was putting myself out there for people to see; I wanted to hide.  We all have our own fears, but really dive deep and get in there and see what’s holding you back and believe that you’re worth it – believe that you are worth everything that you want – You can have it! You deserve it! You are worth it! And life is too short to not have it, so go get it! Thanks for listening, guys.


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