From Stuttering to Speaking Freely: A Guided Digital Course

The self-therapy course that will put the joy into speaking!!!

Have you been learning techniques that take so much effort?

Do you want to speak naturally without trying?

Discover how to go from feeling anxious and fearful that you won't be able to get the words out to feeling confident as you experience the ease of speaking freely.

Why this course is a must for you!

✓ The only treatment method that follows the latest research findings
✓ Unique blending of mindfulness techniques with the way to speak naturally
✓ A way of treating stuttering that has changed the lives of thousands of people
✓ An approach that makes sense of all the mysteries of stuttering
✓ You will gain tools that give consistent and meaningful results

The ultimate goal of this Master Class is to give you, the clinician, the means to empower your clients to become confident communicators who relate to speaking as a natural and non-threatening means of self-expression.

As a participant, you will be shown how to develop a series of goals and various activities that allow your clients to build on their innate ability to think, feel and behave in ways that facilitate the same automatic processes for speech production used by fluent speakers. The natural outcome of successful treatment is flowing speech.

The wonderful benefits for you...

• A step by step guide to speaking naturally
• Practical activities that lead to natural speaking
• Ability to express your thoughts without blocking
• Practical use of mindfulness techniques crucial for long term success
• Everything you need to find your inner fluency

This is a guided self-therapy course that includes 6 Modules jam packed with videos, specialized worksheets, and practical guidance that has helped hundreds of people speak freely. You'll also be part of a closed Facebook community where you can meet others going through the course. There you can practice and get all the support you need to move forward in letting your speech flow.

I am Barbara Dahm, a Board Certified Fluency Specialist and the unconventional clinician for people who stutter. As a result of more than 30 years' experience in treating people who stutter, I developed a very unique, effective and highly regarded way of overcoming stuttering.

This is an amazing course for everyone who stutters

The technical:

When: Schedule: Membership in From Stuttering to Speaking Freely
6 Modules that you will receive over 8 weeks
Closed Facebook support group
4 group meetings online

Dates: Starts August 15th You work according to your own convenience and time schedule

The course is yours for life!

What will you need: your computer or mobile device and the desire to help yourself make it easier for you to speak

Looking forward to seeing you there, Barbara

Thank you so much for giving us this course. The ppts were really very clear, and you broke everything down really well, so we can understand the concepts completely. I really feel very empowered now! Mirelle

Thanks so much for a great course, it was so enjoyable, informative, clear and very enlightening! Thank you, Faigy Parnes

Thanks for an outstanding course with such a unique approach to stuttering. All the best, Ruchi

Course Content

Module 1 Going Inside the Speaking System - Experience what goes on in the brain of a normally fluent speaker. From the intention to speak to formulating your speech, you'll see how you can speak without effort.
Module 2 The Power of Voice - The voice is our fundamental tool for speaking. You'll learn the ins and outs of how to let your voice express what you want to say.
Module 3 Let's Start Talking - Here we'll put together all the basic elements for speaking so that you can begin to process speech naturally in your life.
Module 4 Building the Habit of Speaking Freely - Knowing hw to speak is wonderful, but making it a habit to speak this way is powerful. Here you'll work on making natural speaking a habit.
Module 5 Creating a Fluent Mind - Our subconscious mind and the way we act interact. Here you will thing and feel like a natural speaker.
Module 6 Joyfully Speaking - As you continue all you have learned, reinforcement is so important. Here you will act to keep your mind and process easy and flowing.

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Begin your path to fluency. Schedule your personal assessment at no cost with Barbara Dahm.