Online Therapy

Stuttering Online Therapy is an interactive one-on-one videoconferencing treatment for stuttering. It is designed for people who want the highest quality therapy from the comfort of their home or office. Clients around the globe meet a specially trained clinician for individualized face-to-face treatment.

At Stuttering Online Therapy we use a holistic approach that focuses on the person who presents a problem of speech fluency, instead of focusing on the speech itself. Our clients develop the normal and natural way of speaking, because we believe that our goal is to help people who stutter experience the pleasure of speaking and communicating thoughts and ideas in the same way that fluent speakers experience speaking.

Stuttering Online Therapy follows the Dynamic Stuttering Therapy approach. This is an innovative and highly successful treatment approach that was developed by Barbara Dahm during 20 years of working intensively with people who stutter.

During Therapy you will:

✓ Focus on your ideas, instead of concentrating on the words that you say
✓ Develop language automatically as a progression of sounds and syllables, not as words or phrases
✓ Generate a natural voice that enables normal patterns of intonation
✓ Use an automatic mode for making speech sounds, instead of using controlled and conscious or semi-conscious movements of the tongue and lips
✓ Take specific steps to change attitudes and behaviors regarding speech

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At Online Stuttering Therapy, we treat people who stutter from the age of approximately 12 years through adult.

The Dynamic Stuttering Therapy workbook is used as a basis for treatment. Although all people who participate in treatment learn the same normal way of generating speech, the sessions are individualized to suit each client’s needs.

The therapy consists of practical activities that develop the normal neurological process for speaking as well as activities that precipitate change in attitudes, beliefs related to speaking, and behavior.

When treating children under the age of 18 we require an online discussion with parents or legal guardians prior to beginning therapy and at intervals during the therapy process. In some cases we work in conjunction with school based SLP’s.

When you join Online Stuttering Therapy, you will follow these stages to gain naturally fluent speech:

Stage 1
• Become aware of what you need to change
• Learn the process of speaking naturally
• Begin to develop new thoughts and feelings that go along with natural speaking
Stage 2
• Heighten your awareness of basic process of speech production
• Begin speaking with naturally fluency in connected speech
• Let your thoughts create new experiences
Stage 3
• Repeat the process of speaking naturally with awareness until it is etched in procedural memory
• Gradually increase the use of the new process with awareness in real life
• Stabilize new neural connections along with new thoughts, experiences, and behavior
Stage 4
• Use the new process automatically in real life as part of the subconscious self
• Communicate without thinking about fluency or stuttering
• Use instinctive self correction if necessary

Qualifications for participation:

✓ People who stutter with all types of stuttered speech, including covert and profound stuttering
✓ People who are motivated to help themselves develop normally fluent speech
Ages: 12 – adult
Languages: Working knowledge of either English, Spanish, Hebrew
✓ High-speed internet connection, videoconferencing platform such as Skype (free download), webcam, microphone and speakers.

  • This is just to say thank you for having me on the workshop. It was a great experience and I'm very glad to have attended. It was a great opportunity to meet other PWS from around the world, and I think I gained many valuable insights overall. There's a lot of work to be done but I'm confident about the way forward, and that's thanks to your workshop. It has given me a sense of a concreteness with regards to how to go about 'disappearing stuttering' - a solid framework that I didn't quite get from any of the books I had read on the subject before coming to you. Again, thanks for letting me in on that experience. Best, Christopher
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