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Barbara Dahm, director of Stuttering Online Therapy, developed Dynamic Stuttering Therapy, a revolutionary and life-changing treatment approach for stuttering that has been clinically shown to lead directly to normally fluent speech. Thousands of people around the world have said that this is the most logical, practical and effective treatment for stuttering that they have experienced.

In the last two decades, research has lead to a better understanding of many of the underlying factors related to stuttering. However, therapy approaches have remained basically the same for the past 35 years.

Then and now, the most common stuttering therapies offer ways of either living with stuttering (a preferred desire based on the belief that nothing can be done to overcome stuttering), or controlling fluency (a goal that leads to effortful, slow, speech that sounds unnatural). Needless to say, there is generally a high degree of dissatisfaction with the results of these therapies.

Stuttering Online Therapy offers a refreshing perspective whereby stuttering speakers do become natural fluent speakers, not by learning how to control speech, but by giving up control and all of the counterproductive speech behaviors that create the stuttered speech.

The Dynamic Stuttering Therapy treatment available on Stuttering Online Therapy is the new generation of stuttering treatment. It offers new hope and solid, clinically proven results, supported by the latest research.

The logic and effectiveness of this approach, together with the experience of the founder of Stuttering Online Therapy creates an opportunity for you to speak with ease and confidence. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Over the years, our approach to treating stuttering has become well known and sought out by speech clinicians around the world. Professionals in the field have found that this approach has enabled them to get excellent results and high client satisfaction. This has helped them to become leaders in the field.

Barbara Dahm, the developer of this approach has written 2 manuals for training clinicians. She also provides courses and workshops for clinicians who want personal expert guidance.

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Communication Therapy Institute is a private clinic that is dedicated to giving people who stutter the most effective, up to date treatment possible. Barbara Dahm CCC-SLP and Board Recognized Fluency Specialist founded CTI in 1987.

Since then, over 2000 people who stutter of all ages have come to CTI to learn how to speak naturally, with greater ease and comfort. Through the years our therapy program has evolved from a more traditional fluency shaping approach to the present speech processing approach, Dynamic Stuttering Therapy.

The basis for the development of our program derived from clinical observations and the feedback from clients. We saw, and our clients confirmed, that specific changes in processing brought about by the therapy have a direct cause and effect relationship with the production of normally fluent speech. Recent scientific studies are in agreement with our clinical observations and our perspective of the nature of stuttering.

Communication Therapy Institute is dedicated to fulfilling the therapeutic needs of people who stutter. The CTI intensive stuttering therapy experience in treating over 2000 clients has given CTI the knowledge and understanding of how to guide people who stutter to speak more fluently, more naturally, more easily and more comfortably.

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