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Say everything you want to say

Can you overcome stuttering? Does speaking naturally require special skills?

Over the past 30 years while treating people who stutter, my clients have found that the answer to these questions are yes and no in that order. They have experienced speaking naturally and know that it doesn't require any special skill.

In a special online course that I have designed, I will show you that you and all people who who stutter can speak naturally. Even more importantly, I will give you the know-how of my unique method of enabling people to transform stuttering into natural effortless speaking.

How to Begin: Schedule an Introductory Session at No Charge

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The wonderful things you will gain...

• A practical understanding of the nature of stuttering
• The 6 principles for speaking naturally
• Exclusive activities you can do to reinforce speaking naturally
• Experience using all of the principles of speaking naturally
• A perspective that supports natural speaking
• Individualized therapy to meet your needs

The goal of the program is to help you discover how to put the joy into speaking.

I am Barbara Dahm, a Board Certified Fluency Specialist with over 30 years' experience in treating people who stutter. During that time I discovered the most effective way to transform stuttering into routine speech that you can take for granted

How to Begin: Schedule an Introductory Session at No Charge

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Where: in my zoom room to where ever you are
What will you need: your computer

Looking forward to see you there, Barbara

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Begin your path to fluency. Schedule your personal assessment at no cost with Barbara Dahm.