Fluency Without Speech Tools

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July 3, 2016
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July 3, 2016
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Fluency Without Speech Tools

As I have stated in previous posts, it seems very clear that people who stutter generate speech, at least some of the time, with too much control over language planning and motor programming. This is the problem; we need to consider the solution.

We know that the goal of modern stuttering therapy is usually to learn to use speech tools. People who stutter are guided to think about what they want to say and how to say it. They are asked to:

  • Change the rhythm of speech or speak slowly.
  • Reduce struggle behavior with pullouts and cancellations, preparatory sets.
  • Remember to stutter on purpose
  • Control how the mouth and breath forms various classes of speech sounds
  • Control breathing and pause after short phrases

Although these “tools” may reduce the strength or frequency of stuttering blocks, they are really asking the speaker to add more control over speech. People are meant to be produced speech automatically, but speech tools support controlled speech. It is no wonder, therefore, that the use of these tools causes frustration and takes away from the joy and freedom of speaking naturally. Speech tools also interfere with the natural quality of speech and make it harder to express mood and the speaker’s real personality through normal patterns of intonation.

People often give up on speech tools and resign themselves to believing that their only other option is to continue to stutter. As much as they want to find ways to be more fluent, they are locked into their belief that their only choice is speech tools or stuttering. They can’t accept what there is now another option that guides people who stutter to speak fluently by learning to give up control.

Dynamic Stuttering Therapy is what both clinicians and clients have hoped for. It shows people who stutter how to speak without effort, thought or control over words or speech muscles. The speech produced is natural and expresses the speaker’s feelings. People who stutter can learn to speak fluently without having to use speech tools.

For those who have hoped for something better than speech tools, Dynamic Stuttering Therapy is the answer.

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