The Key To A Successful Treatment Experience

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June 30, 2016
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July 3, 2016
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The Key To A Successful Treatment Experience

Do you want to speak with ease and confidence? If you do, read on. You are about to find out how every one of my successful clients has accomplished this. If you learn from this, you will better understand what you need to do to create the automatic and natural way of speaking that you desire.

Successful clients understand that once they learn the new process, they have to repeatedly use it with awareness. They know they are not going to become normally fluent speakers overnight. Speaking in a different way is not something that will instantaneously happen, they make it happen.

In addition, they know that thoughts and actions together determine the habits that they develop. Clients succeed because of the thoughts and the actions that they take. During Stuttering Online Therapy clients are encouraged to think beyond their habitual thoughts. Successful clients are able to give up their fears as they realize that the feeling of fear is related to thoughts connected to the past. They replace old thoughts with new thoughts of joy, ease and comfort that are part of their new way of speaking.

These are three of the basic ingredients to a rewarding therapy experience.

1. The first is to have a clear intent. Focus on your intent i.e. have a clear goal of what you want. You will learn that the energy for speaking comes from the signal that your brain sends to the vocal folds as you focus on the general message that you want your listeners to hear. You will learn that your voice, not words, is the essence of talking. Make your intent the discovery of how to make your own natural voice be heard in a way that is new to you. Dynamic Stuttering Therapy is a goal-oriented therapy that shows you how to produce speech naturally. If your intent is to achieve the goals, you will find that they will become a part of you. If you intend to change, you will make the change.

2. The second ingredient to success is to be proactive. Thinking about what you should do, or knowing what thoughts would be nice to think will not help at all. You have to be the one to take action and make things happen. If you are not doing anything, you will produce nothing. The brain makes new connections through repeated experience doing the same thing. That is why repetitive practice is more important once the goals of therapy have been achieved than it is during the learning stage. Repetition of the process and making sure you do something each day to strengthen the process and create new thoughts is absolutely necessary for long-term success. Action produces results.

3. The final ingredient is to never give up. This is common sense, but unfortunately, too often people give up at the first barrier they encounter when working to achieve their goals. There are even people who go to therapy expecting failure. From the very beginning every mistake, every problem is reinforcement to their existing belief. Successful clients do not focus on and reinforce problems. Instead, they take note of every small change, and attend to how different and pleasant it feels every time they experience giving up the control of how to get words out words. They decide that they can change what they think and what they do and they do not quit until they reach their goals. They know that quitting is a waste of all the effort that was previously exerted. Successful clients see errors and setbacks as opportunities to learn that lead to improved knowledge and ability.

Some people look at how fluently successful clients are speaking and ask me what technique was used. The answer I give is that they became aware of what they needed to change, had the clear intent to change their mind and process and took the initiative to do so.


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