Meeting the Holiday Communication Challenges

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December 4, 2019
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December 30, 2019
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Meeting the Holiday Communication Challenges

This is a special time of year in so many ways. It’s a time to remember, a time to look forward, a time to get out of the routine and celebrate holidays. This can be wonderful. However, it is also challenging due to our hopes and expectations that we may or may not meet.

With all the activities and festivities, speaking can be even more of a challenge than usual for people who stutter. That is why I made this message for you. I want you to be able to enjoy talking with new and old friends and with your family from near and far without worrying about stuttering.

Worry is the thoughts we create. It is what we imagine the future may bring. It is possible to imagine wonderful things for the future. That isn’t worry. Worry is imagining that what we don’t want to happen will happen. As far as speaking is concerned, you can imagine that people will be put off by your stuttering or you could imagine all the fun you will have at that party or gathering. One way of thinking leads to worry. The other doesn’t. The way you think, is more of your choice than you might  realize.

While you might stutter either way, you – that important person that is you – will be in a much better frame of mind, if you choose not to worry, because no matter what happens, you will have saved yourself from expending so much negative energy, that affects your mood even if all goes well.

Worrying about speaking has never helped. It only causes you to either avoid speaking or to try hard to be fluent. In both cases you are making it so much harder for yourself to speak. Avoiding speaking increases your fear and makes you worry more. Trying to be fluent makes you exert control. That will either increase stuttering or make speaking tiring and effortful .

This holiday season, I wish you freedom from worry. Give yourself the greatest present. Be in the PRESENT moment. Don’t try to predetermine what will happen, what “they” will think. Just BE and say what you want to say without concern or effort.

Have a wonderful Holiday season!!


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