Claire Jones

Mouhamadou A. Hane
May 8, 2016
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Claire Jones



I would be delighted for you to share my recording on your website! Using my name is fine as well. I believe in your methods and know they work. If I can help even one person pursue this therapy it would be an honor.


What you taught me is a brilliant concept and if applied correctly and practiced can make speaking enjoyable and open so many doors. As someone who stutters I felt so alone in my battle and I always thought it was something I would live with and struggle with forever. Speaking doesn’t have to be hard or labored.

I just needed the right tools to show me how to speak like everyone else does. Trying to speak is really what I was doing and when I accepted that and let go of that control I experienced a huge amount of freedom and relief.


Thank you again for all the time you spent with me. I am continuing to make this way of speaking a habit and it gets easier every day. You helped me gain so much confidence and now I have hope for the future and am becoming who I’ve always wanted to be.

Thanks again,

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