Mouhamadou A. Hane

Claire Jones
May 8, 2016
May 24, 2016
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Mouhamadou A. Hane

Hello Barbara!


You are my hero, you made me believe, I have no doubts about that! You know yesterday, I went to the stuttering association meeting.. It was only 5 people; I decided to facilitate & read the rules & stuff.. Words were flowing effortlessly while reading..  Then came the sharing part; I had 3 or 4 slight stumbles.. Here is the thing, the more I open up, the more I am in the moment & then speech doesn’t become an issue.

It seems now I can feel my body much better, meaning I am more aware of the tightening & contraction of my organs, mainly the stomach, the diaphragm, the throat, the lower jaws. You have shown me how speech is made; & I understand how speech occurs.. Speech conveys a lotta info about the speaker. It’s not always the fear to stutter on a sound!  I have noticed when I am resisting an emotion like fear for whatever reason, anger for whatever reason, anxiety, I’ll block it out & I struggle with my speech. Emotions that would make me feel like a normal human being. After all, spontaneous speech is expressing what u feel; like you said, a Gift from God! This journey is fun, Barbara !


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