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May 8, 2016
May 24, 2016
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Hi Barbara,
It’s Kelly.
I thought I’d send you an email just keeping in touch letting you know of my progress. I’ve never been happier with my speech! I’ve been working with my therapist a lot on certain internal issues like my tendency to constantly judge myself and I’ve really seen a turn around, so has my therapist and boyfriend. My stutter has dramatically decreased in the past months, I’ve never felt more free. I’m learning to live outside my own head and I’ve really taken a lot away from Ruth Mead’s book, it was honestly the best book I’ve ever read, I could relate so much to her words.


I find that I worry less about occasions when I know I’ll need to speak to people. I’ve recently started helping cater a lot of parties for friends which requires me to go to social events where there’s 90 plus people. A few months ago I would have avoided such occasions like the plague. Having gone to several now I find that I actually enjoy myself while I’m there and my stutter is minimal. Even things like going to restaurants is more fun now, I don’t have to worry when the waitress comes to take our order, I simply order exactly what I want with no stress or stutter. Telephone conversations are still challenging but I actually have the confidence to call people now, make appointments etc whereas several months ago I avoided phone conversations all together. It’s like a whole new reality, a reality where I’m not afraid of life or my speech. Words cannot describe it..
Thank you for helping me get the ball rolling on this whole new chapter in my life, I never thought this was possible and for the first time I’m excited for the future. I really hope you’re well. Keep pushing your clients to come out of their shells, you truly helped me like no one else ever has and i know I’ll continue to improve everyday,
Thanks for all your support.

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